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About us

The most important element in determining the quality of pet grooming is the experience and artistry of the groomer.  Owner/ Groomer Gwenn Weyandt, has over 25 years experience in professional grooming of both pet and show dogs.

Gwenn - Dog Specialist
Evident by the terrific following she has built, Gwenn  will cheerfully and patiently groom any dog, providing a keen eye towards creativity and precision. Equally comfortable with large or small dogs, long hair or short, Gwenn's expertise is skillfully demonstrated across a wide range of dogs, from Golden Retrievers to Shelties, from Boston Terriers to Schnauzers . Gwenn's proficiency at scissoring and shaping and general knowledge of breed standards, makes her perfect for breeds where extra care is appreciated. At 8 years old, Gwenn became involved in 4-H, where she showed horses, dogs and goats. She bred and showed Morgan horses and many champion goats.  After 4-H she went on to compete with Morgan horses until she married in the 90's. Gwenn is now  active in the canine fancy where she shows her beloved Boston Terriers and handles other breeds of dogs. She is very knowledgeable in general care and training of dogs. She has implemented a healthy and natural diet and remedies for her dogs and is willing to help others. She is available counsel to customers whose pets have skin or diet issues.

Marie or Mimi( to the pets)  - Groomers And Store  Assistant
 Marie has also had dogs and cats her entire life, and she  has a sincere and earnest affection for animals, which is communicated in all her actions. She has
owned and bred dogs for over 40 years.  In the 80's and 90's she ran a large dairy goat farm. Prior to that she bred Morgan Horses. She is now active in the Boston Terrier Fancy. She was also a groomer but has since retired. She is knowledgeable in the care and training of your pet. And is available to counsel owners, whose pets have behavioral or nutritional issues.  She really enjoys working with pets and their people.

Janee - Animal Specialist in training
Janee was born into this family of animal lovers. Janee is Gwenn's daughter and Marie's Grand daughter. She is a canine specialist in training.  She has a gift with dogs and seems to know what they are thinking and feeling.  Janee manages the clothing line for the pets. With over a 100 coats and sweaters, she will  assist you in finding the right fit for your pets new clothes. Janee also shows dogs. She is available on the weekend to assist clients. Janee has quite the following at our store. Many people are amazed at her knowledge of the products and advice given on pet care.

Grooming at
My Bella Pets is by appointment.. We estimate your pick-up time when you drop off. All clients are  by appointment and we  request that you pick up your pet as soon as it is done. Most appointments are 1 to 1 1/2 hours. 

Nutritional or Behavioral Counseling by appointment. Fees may apply for lengthy sessions.

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